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Doctoral Thesis Awarded



Shaikh Shahid Ahmed, December 2004

"Modeling Quantum and Coulomb Effects in Nanoscale Devices"

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), D.K. Ferry, D.K. Schroder, C. Ringhofer, S. Goodnick


Santhosh Krishnan, December 2005

"Band-Structure and Detailed Quantum Effects on Hole Transport In p-Channel MOSFETs"

Committee: D. Vasileska, M. V. Fischetti (Co-Chairs), D. Ferry, D. Schroder, S. Goodnick


Tarik Khan, May 2006

Modeling Si MESFETs

Committee: D. Vasileska, T. Thornton (Co-Chairs), D. Ferry, S. Goodnick, D. Schroder


Hasanur Rahman Khan December 2007

“3D CBR Method for Modeling FinFET devices”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), D. Mamaluy(Co-Chair), S.M. Goodnick, D.K. Ferry and D.K. Schroder


Katerina Raleva  June 2008

“Thermal Effects in Nanoscale FD-SOI Devices”

Graduated from UKIM, Skopje, Macedonia where D. Vasileska is Adjunct Professor.


Ashwin Ashok, December 2008

Modeling of GaN HEMTs

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), O. Hartin, S. Goodnick, D. K. Ferry and D. Mamaluy


Arif Hossain, May 2011

“Self-Heating Effects in Nanowire Transistors

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. Ahmed, S. Goodnick and B. Bakkaloglu


Nabil Ashraf, November 2011

Comparative Analysis of Simulation of Trap Induced Threshold Voltage Fluctuations for 45 nm Gate Length n- MOSFET and Analytical Model Predictions

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick, D. K. Schroder and M. Goryll


Balaji Padmanabhan, April 2013

Modeling Reliability of Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick, Terry L. Alford and Prasad Venkatraman

Da Guo, October 2017

Modeling of Copper Migration in CdTe Photovoltaic Devices

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (chair),  Mariana Bertoni, Stephen Goodnick, and Igor Sankin


Yi Fang, November 2017, Physics

Simulation of High Temperature InGaN Photovoltaic Devices              

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick (Co-chair), F. Ponce and R. Nemanich


Gokula Kannan Jayaram Thulasingam, November 2017

The Role of the Collisional Broadening of the States ont he Low-Field Mobility in Silicon Inversion Layers

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (chair), David Allee, David Ferry, and Stephen Goodnick

Pradyumna Muralidharan, August 2019

“Multiscale Modeling of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells”

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (co-chair), Stephen M. Goodnick (co-chair), C. Hornsberg and C. Ringhofer


Abdul Rawoof Shaik, December 2019

“A Unified 2D Solver for Modeling Carrier and Defect Dynamics in Electronic and Photovoltaic Devices”

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (chair), Igor Sankin, Christian Ringhofer, Daniel Brinkman, Stephen Goodnick and Mariana Bertoni


Robin Daugherty, December 2019

“Multiscale Modeling of Thermal and Electrical Characteristics in Silicon CMOS Devices”

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (chair), Stephen Goodnick, David K. Ferry and James Aberle


Master Thesis Awarded



Srdjan Milicic, May 2000

"3D Modeling of Silicon Quantum Dots"

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S.M. Goodnick and D.K. Ferry


Xiao Jiang He, May 2000

"Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulations of Ultra-Small MOSFETs"

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S.M. Goodnick and D.K. Ferry


Gil Speyer, May 2001

"Solving the Three-Dimensional Poisson Equation for Semiconductor Device Modeling Using Multigrid Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods"

Committee: D. Vasileska (chair), S.M. Goodnick and D.K. Ferry


Salvador Gonzalez, December 2001

"Empirical Pseudopotential method for the Band Structure Calculation of Strained Si1-xGex Materials"

Committee: D. Vasileska (chair), S.M. Goodnick and A. Demkov


Shaikh Shahid Ahmed, December 2002

"Modeling of silicon on insulator devices"

Committee: D. Vasileska (chair), S.M. Goodnick and D.K. Ferry


Santhosh Krishnan, December 2003

“Low field hole mobility in strained silicon-germanium pMOS devices”

Committee: D. Vasileska (chair), S.M. Goodnick and D.K. Ferry


Anand Mannargudi, May 2004

“Investigation of deep submicrometer asymmetric device structure”

Committee: D. Vasileska (chair), D.K. Ferry and D.K. Schroder


Sumeet Kaur, August 2004

"Online Device Simulation Lab (ODSL) at Arizona State University"Committee:

D.Vasileska (Chair), S.M. Goodnick, H. Cam


Ashwin Ashok, May 2005"

Spontaneous Spin Polarization in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Split-Gate Heterostructures"Committee:

D. Vasileska (Chair), D.K. Ferry, S. Goodnick


Edwin Ramayya, December 2005

"Modeling of Electron Mobility in a Rectangular Silicon Nanowire Transistor"

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. Goodnick, R. Akis


Prathibha Ramaprasad, November 2006

“A Framework for Modeling Protein Ion Channels”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. Goodnick and D. Mamaluy


Gordana Stojanovic, May 2007

“Modeling GaAs/AlGaAs HEMTs”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. Goodnick and O. Hartin (Freescale)


Balaji Padmanabhan, November 2008

“3D Modeling of Solar Cells”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), D. Schroder and D. Mamaluy


Gokula Kannan, April 2010

“SCHRED Second Generation”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), D. K. Schroder and S. M. Goodnick


Raghuraj Hathwar, June 2011

“Generalized Monte Carlo Tool for Investigating Low-Field and High Field Properties of Materials Using Non-parabolic Band Structure Model”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), M. Saraniti and S. M. Goodnick


Pradyumna Muralidharan, July 2011

“1-D Modeling of HgCdTe Photodetectors Operated at Low Temperatures”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), Y.-H. Zhang and P. Wijewarnasuriya (ARL)


Manan L. Gada, January 2013

“Modeling of Self-Heating Effects in 25nm SOI Devices”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick and D. K. Ferry


Da Guo, April 2013

“One-Dimensional Fast Transient Simulator for Modeling CdS/CdTe Solar Cells”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick and I. Sankin (First Solar)


Suleman Sami Qazi, November 2013

“Electrical and Thermal Transport in Alternative Device Technologies”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick (Co-chair) and M. Tao


Xinchen Guo, April 2015,

School for Engineering of Mater, Transport and Energy

"Algebraic Multigrid Poisson Equation Solver”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick and D. K. Ferry

Seung Kyung Yoo, November 2015

“The Phonon Monte Carlo Simulation “

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick and D. K. Ferry


Daniel Livingston, November 2015, Applied Project (Physics Department)

“Modeling of Ge Transistors”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. Lindsay, Jingyue Liu


Abdul Rawoof Shaik, April 2016

“Multi-Scale study of Heat Transfer Using Monte Carlo Technique for Phonon Transport”

Committee: D. Vasileska (Chair), S. M. Goodnick and D. K. Ferry


Akash Anilkumar Laturia, December 2016
Title: Equilibrium Analysis of DG SOI MOSFET
Committee: Dr. Dragica Vasileska (Chair) Dr. Stephen Goodnick, Dr. David Ferry


Atreyo Mukherjee, November 2017

A Study of Hole Transport in Amorphous Selenium Using Bulk Monte Carlo Techniques

Dragica Vasileska (co-chair), Amirhossein Goldan (co-chair), and Stephen Goodnick


Viswanathan Naveen Kumar, November 2017

Mobility modeling of gallium nitride nanowire

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (chair), Yuji Zhao, and Stephen Goodnick

Andrew Warren, May 2019

Simulation of GaN CAVETs in Silvaco Atlas

Committee: Dragica Vasileska (chair), Stephen Goodnick and Yuji Zhao

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